Mary Frances Coady

January 16th, 2015

January 16, 1945

To Luise Oestreicher

Dear Luise,

I’m still alive and still writing letters.  I feel your help a lot, and I still don’t know if this is the end or if God wants only to test my confidence to the limit.  I’m trying hard to be equal to both.  Greta was here awhile ago.  She is brave, but I made it a short visit.  Keep on giving help to my family. […] This week, during which I’ve been preparing for the end, the world has CCF09222014_00004completely changed.  Even if I should come back, January 11 has totally changed everything.


Delp’s sister, Greta Kern

I said my last Mass toward noon shortly before my departure.  It was clear from the beginning that Moltke and I were condemned.  Past custom had it that executions were to take place about one hour after the judgement.  So we were expecting it and were told only on departure that we were returning here.  And now here we sit and wait on the pinnacle.

I’m waiting and relying on the prayer and help of my friends, you above all.  You remain among what is still valuable after January 11.  Thank you for everything.  The “Our Father” was written in handcuffs (mostly) and is even more illegible than usual.  The trial’s outcome was so clear that it provided a life-and-death motif. […]  May God protect you.  […]  Best regards, and thank you.  Help with praying, okay?                                                                                         Georg

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