Mary Frances Coady

January 19th, 2015

January 19, 1945

As he sat waiting in his cell, Delp’s creative energies were again released and he wrote meditations on the Lord’s Prayer which, as he told Luise, was written almost entirely in handcuffs, and “Come Holy Spirit”, which is the Sequence for Pentecost Sunday.


To Marianne Hapig/Marianne Pünder

Good people,

I’m still writing letters and still giving you trouble and worry.  This wasn’t expected just a week ago, because I should have been hanged an hour or so after the verdict.  For awhile on Thursday we didn’t know where we were going to be driven.  CCF09222014_00011It’s all so strange.  We are the first who weren’t taken to Prince-Albert-Strasse for the trial, although that was planned.  Our charges were addressed there.  Then we returned here again and are once again sitting and waiting.  Is the sacrifice I’m willingly offering enough for God, or does he want to test my trust right up to the breaking point?  What the atmosphere of January 11 means, I don’t know.  To be ready for death is the least that one can expect from us, although I don’t think anyone has a particular yearning for it.  The good head guard is at home sick.  Do you think you might bring something to comfort him?

As requested and ordered, I have written and sent off the appeal to the supreme court prosecutor.  I’ve also written to Heinrich Himmler.  Please advise me on whether I should send it.  It also should go to the supreme court.  It could also be an advantage in that they might wait here until a decision comes from there, and thus we get time on our side.  (The only value of these appeals is to gain time; they’re not going to pardon me.)  The trial was clearly anti-Church and anti-Christian.  But perhaps this is allowing for time or even the grace of a greater humility that still exists where one doesn’t expect it.

Alfred Delp before the People's Court, January 9, 1945

Alfred Delp before the People’s Court, January 9, 1945

It can have the disadvantage that the atmosphere at Himmler’s end could be corrupted by that other place. Please give me your opinion very soon.  All the best and thanks a lot.  Thursday was a good day in spite of everything.  The last thing I did here was Mass.  Since then I’ve been filled with a great freedom.  Let things happen as they may.  The world changed on that day.  Warmly and gratefully,


The good head guard is at home sick.  Don’t you have something to comfort him?  Some paper, please.  I’d still like to finish the litany.

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