Mary Frances Coady

January 24th, 2015

January 24, 1945

To Marianne Hapig and Marianne Pünder

Good people,


Helmuth von Moltke

CCF09202014_00000 Yesterday and today have been really bad days.  It would have been easier to go to Plötzensee than to suddenly be forced to endure the fate of isolation.  This vacation from the gallows is certainly not meant as a good deed, but perhaps this is the connecting piece to the miracle that is built from an evil intention and used for a good end.  Please help me by praying hard in the days ahead.  Now that Helmuth and the others have gone, much of my help has gone too.  I’m now the only one left who is still in irons.  Is there some background reason for this suddenness and this exception?

….With regard to communication etc. with Munich etc., it’s now also becoming more difficult. Because we have other needs as well:  Miss Würflein can send out packages from the medical supply factory where she works, to the hospital.  Please if possible, let them know this in Munich.  Sometimes one would like to make world history run faster.  One knows where it’s going.  Why not a couple of weeks ahead of time?  Pray hard also for my confreres during these days…. Heartfelt thanks, and God’s blessing and protection.


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